Vote no on township’s $830,000 per year lifetime no plan tax increase

To the Editor: Are you a Medina Township resident who has lost your job or work hours cut because of the Covid-19 virus affecting our economy? There is a surprise in store for you.

Two of the Medina Township trustees have proposed an $830,000 per year permanent property tax increase. They have no plan in place to show how the money will be spent. Let us tax the residents first, and then plan on how to spend it. Is this what you call a wise decision from your elected officials?

The language on the ballet, if this levy passes, will provide the trustees the avenue to pull out of the agreement with the Life Support Team (LST) who provides EMS sersee LETTERS on E13

vices to our community 24/7, 365 days out of the year. LST is supervised by one of the top hospitals in the nation. Can you guess who this hospital is? If you guessed Cleveland Clinic, you are correct. The Life Support Team (LST) levy provides a separate stand-alone EMS service to our township and other communities. This is a separate levy and is no way connected with Medina Township’s safety service levy.

The trustees are also planning on throwing away our fire service contract with the City of Medina. Medina Township’s current contract is a fair and cost-effective service for our community. All fire services are contracted to the City of Medina for $230,000 per year – a savings of almost $400,000 per year from the $623,000 former fire levy. As with any contract language, if there are any additional services needed, reasonable requests will be made, and an agreeable monetary solution will be solved.

Vote no on this $830,000 per year lifetime no plan tax increase in November. This tax increase is not needed.

Ray Jarrett