My Mexican Pantry

The following are an assortment of ingredients that I normally keep on hand:

     achiote paste or annatto seed

     assorted dried peppers including pasilla, mulato, guajillo, ancho, arbol and pequín

     assorted canned peppers including jalapeño and chipotle

     canned Mexican beans – there are actually some good varieties out there and they serve well in a pinch

     crème fraiche

     cider vinegar

     dried beans such as pinto and black

     dried corn husks

     dried herbs & spices such as Mexican oregano, epazote, bay leaves, hoja santa, cumin, allspice, pepper, vanilla, mint, saffron

     frozen banana leaves

     Goya Adobo – a powdered seasoning

     Goya Sazon – sold in envelopes, an acceptable alternative to saffron for use in rice and other dishes

     Ibarra chocolate

     Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix (without the tequila)

     long grain rice

     medium grain rice

     Masa Harina (I prefer the Maseca brand)

     olive oil





     Knorr Swiss bouillon cubes in all flavors.  They’re great in a pinch! And now they come MSG free

     coarse sea salt

     fine sea salt