• Añejo—a white aged cheese, dry and salty, which crumbles easily. Also called cotija. They are actually aged queso fresco
  • Asadero—usually sold in “skeins” and is a good cheese for melting or eating as is. It is stringy. Good substitutes are mozzarella, mild muenster and jack cheese
  •  Blanco or jarocho – a bland cheese used for melting in sauces. Muenster or mild white cheddar can be substituted
  •  Chihuahua—a mild spongy light yellow cheese which melts easily. A substitute is Monterey jack
  • Manchego – used for melted toppings. The real one is from Spain but there are imitations
  • Panela—a semi-smooth soft cheese used as an appetizer
  • Queso Fresco—a fresh cheese used for topping antojitos, stuffing peppers, a topping for soups and eaten plain. It crumbles and melts easily. A substitute is feta