Charring or Roasting Peppers

How To:

Char, Roast or Grill Peppers:

There are several methods I have used to char peppers:

1.      Heat a  griddle on medium for five minutes. Lower the heat.  After cleaning and wiping dry the peppers, place them on the griddle, turning when the skin begins to blister. The skin will become dark, but do not allow it to burn.

2.      Heat an outdoor grill on high for ten minutes, then lower the flame to low. Follow above instructions.

3.      Use a propane kitchen blow torch by holding the pepper in one hand and torching with the other.

Afterwards, place the peppers in a plastic bag, close the bag, and allow them to sweat until they are cool. Very carefully, remove the skins, taking care not to break the skin. Wearing plastic kitchen gloves is recommended.

Char, Roast or Grill Tomatoes, Garlic, Small Hot Peppers:

Follow steps 1 or 2 above.  Allow tomatoes to cool. Peel off skin.  Remove skin from garlic. They can then be ground in a molcajete or mortar and pestle, or mashed with a fork.