Mel's Mex is fantastic book even critical food snobs would love......Ruthann

This cookbook has not once made it to my bookshelf, but has been right on my countertop within easy reach ever since I received it! I love that I finally have actual recipes now for so many of the very authentic but lesser-known homestyle Mexican dishes that we could previously only get when visiting relatives.  My Mexican hubby was especially pleased with the Puntos de Fillete and the Puerco y Verdolagas en Salsa Verde (I cheated a bit and combined cookbook and website recipes here to recreate something we ate while on vacation). What makes this cookbook even more valuable is that, should you have any questions about the recipes, ingredients, techniques, etc., the author herself is highly accessible and very open to sharing her knowledge. Now seriously, how many other cookbooks out there offer that? It's kind of like having your very own Mexican Mama right in your kitchen (even if you're only "Mexican-by-default", like me) lol.......Melissa


“My first attempt at Cochinita Pibil was a blazing success – the whole family oooh’ed and ahhhh’ed in between each bite. This recipe has become a family favorite, requested frequently on occasions such as Father’s Day, birthdays, etc.”

Fran Siebengartner

Del Mar, CA


“Your Mexican recipes have been an inspiration – Syracuse, NY is a long way from authentic Mexican cuisine, and your recipes are a cut above the now-commonplace taco!  I would be happy to be part of an endorsement……”


Liverpool, a suburb of Syracuse, NY


“I love Mexican food and have trouble finding recipes even her so close to Mexico! Thank you for the great recipes!”


Corpus Christi, TX


“I do some Tex-Mex among other cuisines, even so far as making my own flour tortillas for burritos, but I’m not even in the same league with you… I’m somewhere in the semi-pro ball while you are in the majors!!!  Good luck with the book!!”

Chuck in Pok

Poughkeepsie, NY


“Down in Southern Texas, Mexican food is almost a way of life, especially having grown up in San Antonio. Mel’s recipes are authentic and easy to prepare. I consider them to be a lot better than many of the restaurants that I have tried in the past.”

Robbie Shelton

Alvin, TX


For years, I've heard rumor of this "cookbook."  ... a vast collection of delectable treats from "south of the border," and beyond?   Hmmm... Well, the rumors were TRUE!!!  It's finally here!!!  .. and it's even more awesome than I would have even begun to think!!  Scrumptious!! and Delightful!! and Yummie!!!!  Oh MY!! I should probably have more to say here... but... I'm off to the grocery! .. and checking my lists.... and let's see, what do I need??!!  OOOOooo!!
Look and this one!!! .... Oh, wait!! How did I miss that!! ... and what's for dessert??? ... and will this make me fat?? ... but wait!  I'm forgetting!! .. and before I run off......  My CONGRATULATIONS!! This is VERY well done!  Sooooo....
Fire up the stove!! .. and let's have some fun!

Happy Cooking.. 🙂


“I grew up eating Mel’s recipes every day – she’s my Mom! Growing up, everyone always wanted to eat dinner at my house because they knew the food was always good! You may think I’m biased, but honestly, I believe you’ll find that the recipes are scrumptious!  In addition to being delicious, they are both authentic and easy to prepare. I’ve cooked dinner for my friends numerous times and they always ask for the recipes. I’m glad she made a book out of them!”

Rosanna Miguel

Medina, OH


" After eating chilaquiles in Mexico City, I tried Mel's recipe and was extremely excited to be able to make real authentic mexican food here in the states.  No more going out for Mexican food.  If we want Mexican, I go to Mel's cookbook and make something new.  You won't be disappointed!"

Melanie V. Courtad