My Story:

Many years have gone by since I had my first taste of Mexican Food. Coming from a Polish - American background, I was used to pierogi and kielbasa, etc. and all the good old American staples like meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Was I pleasantly surprised! Not only were foods prepared the old-fashioned way, using mostly all fresh ingredients, and little or no processed foods, but they were downright delicious! And so, I spent many hours going to the market with my in-laws, watching my mother-in-law cook and learning Spanish in a natural surrounding. What an experience! I hope that my recipes will impart the Joys of Authentic Mexican Cuisine to you!

Every month I feature a "Recipe of the Month" from one of my books. The books contain many variations of salsas, tamales, enchiladas and tacos among others. The E-book contains many more and has several mole recipes, along with all the other recipes I have worked out between 2005, when the softcover book was published, and now. It also contains lots of photos in color. Please check our "recipe index" pages for a full listing of recipes. Please note - the softcover book is now sold out.

The website contains some of my recipes, food photos, how-to's and many other helpful hints. Enjoy!

The e-books can be purchased by clicking on the navigation bar on top of this page.  The e-book is in Kindle format, sold at @ Mels-Mex-Authentic-Mexican-Cuisine-ebook